Sunday, 3 May 2009

Kenya go any faster? I Deena think I can!

This strapline was dismissed out of hand by the Portobello RC webmaster so I felt it should at least be put out to grass here.

Today I have impressed myself by getting out of bed on a Sunday morning purely in order to spectate; something I've thought about doing manys a time but never managed.
What swung it for me (apart, of course, from loyalty to my fellow clubmates) was that Deena Kastor was to be in town for the Bupa 10K. How they convinced her to come I don't know but I thought if she could come all the way over here I should be able to roll out of bed a bit early when I didn't have to.

I was also excited to see that the diminutive Dan Robinson was to be in town. I remember being glued to the box last year during the London Marathon as Dan ran bravely in the rain and had a good battle with Stefano Baldini the then Olympic Champion in the last few miles. Steve Cram and Brendan Foster were remarking that he was so small that his t-shirt with "Robinson" on it looked like it said "bin". He's not that small. I also think he ran a better time last year than any GB competitor this year although I'd have to check that. Chapeau Mr Robinson. Uh oh the lager is kicking in.

There was a thin turn out of spectators on a cold windy day. I was thrilled to see Deena. (The last time I saw her she had to pull out of the Olympics with a broken foot.) We shouted to her and we were the only ones. I also shouted for Dan Robinson although I felt like an eejit as obviously I don't know him or Deena and they don't know me. Never the less they deserve respect for working so hard and being so top of the range don't they? And have I ever felt that I didn't want encouragement in a race?

There were some Kenyans running and I don't know who they were but they were awesome.

It was good to see a few Porties out running well on a demanding course.

My favourite spectacle was seeing our friend Ben running down the home straight like a horse that has escaped from its field.

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Gnarls said...

I wondered why Deena didnae do Boston, she needs to get some sun on those legs.