Sunday, 3 May 2009

West Coast Trip

Spent a few days over at my sister's at Tayvallich and discovered the kids were considerably older than the last time I'd met them. They were very cute and the younger one is showing some early promise of being a runner although he also had his pram along and had a sleep with "lovely otter" when it was all too much. A pretty good strategy I'd say.

It was a bit cold for hanging around much - we'd brought wet suits thinking to do some watery stuff whilst there but running turned out to be the best thing. Enough good weather so we didn't feel cheated or get stuck in the house. Lots of wild flowers and interest compared to more austere landscapes in the hills. We have a favourite run there that we always think we should turn into a low key race. A 5K circuit of the best multi-terrain running ever at Taynish. I suggested to my sister that she might like to host the whole thing from her garden and make soup and homebakes for after but she just said "but I'd be running it wouldn't I?"

I suppose. Time to fire the pictures up. We've got a busy morning. Off to try and get pictures of Deena Kastor running around Edinburgh this morning in the 10K. Feet very sore from Stuc a Chroin hill race yesterday. More about that to follow...

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