Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ho-hum what am I doing?

Nice run on Sunday from the East end of the Silverknowes esplanade along to the Cramond Brig Inn, round what we call "the airport loop" and back. The last 2 miles were particularly hard into the teeth of a stiff easterly wind.

Tonight I narrowly avoided getting sucked into race-mania, nearly agreeing to go and have a stab at Kinnoull Hill Race, even though I've got work tomorrow at 7am again, I've got the Stornoway half on Saturday and then the Rigg Race on Monday. Peter's away to do it and he'll be fine I am sure as he continues uninjured and with good powers of recovery. (Hope I've not jinxed him.)

I'm also skiving a club night as I want to arrive at Stornoway as fresh as I can on Saturday.

Feeling a bit ho-hum about running as I'm lacking specific goals probably. As some bloggers prepare themselves for West Highland Way madness I'm thinking "well I'll not do too much because I don't want to get tired." Trail running in Maine in August will be a big buzz and I'm looking forwards to another go at the 7 hills race in June.

Watching the London Marathon and Mara Yamauchi running so hard and well really made me want to train for another marathon. I'm thinking October marathon. We were thinking about going to do the Amsterdam marathon but it clashes with other stuff so maybe Loch Ness Marathon would be the one. This blogger is on tea duty so I better get moving. Hope to have more interesting things to say after Stornoway....

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