Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rigg Race

Fabulous turn out of Porties for the Rigg Race (6 miles in Balerno, 2 up, 2 along, 2 down...)many of whom had also been racing over the course of the weekend. Hard to know if racing on Saturday had much impact on my running or not. I wasn't particularly sore but maybe was missing some killer instinct. It was a championship race so we were out looking for points. I think the only other Porty in my category was Melanie Henderson who is just coming back from injury. She beat me decisively by about 6 minutes. I'm glad she didn't waste time shilly-shallying about! She was also first lady. Nice come-back race!

I was a handful of seconds slower than last time I ran this race in 2006. Strangely found the flattish middle section the hardest, unable to generate any pace.

Enjoy the look of a field with loads of Portobello vests. Have to get back to club tomorrow night. Haven't been in about a month...

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