Monday, 16 February 2009

Sunday Run with no gadgets

Sunday we decided to go on Bert's run. This time Dalkeith indoor bowling club to Penicuik and back along the cycle paths. I didn't take my ipod as I knew I'd be running with others, and I didn't take my camera because I knew I'd be trying hard. When I put my Garmin on to get it hooked up with its satellites it told me it had no charge and put itself back off again. Cheeky devil. Kathleen from club had turned up and although she's quicker over the short stuff, I have done more long stuff so it was a reasonable match that we ran together. We were the only ladies. Neither of us had been this route before so there was quite a lot of uncertainty the whole way. I desperately missed my Garmin telling me how fast and how far we were going/had gone. The path got nicer along the way and after a quite long initial dead feeling from having got up out a deep sleep on a dark morning when all my instincts were telling me to stay put, I started to warm up. The sun came out and there was shelter from the cold wind and I regretted wearing running tights. The last mile or so of the track was slushy ice and very slippy so quite hard going. This was when we saw most of our group coming back and we just had to guess what the turn around point was. We came to a kind of promontory which may or may not have been called the Pomathon and thought this would do and turned around. The last few miles were pretty hard going. Kathleen had not run 16 miles before - which is what we thought we were doing. Also, neither of us had been drinking despite me knowing better - I had some sports drink along but my breakfast never felt too far away and I was reluctant to stir things up in my stomach. As a result my legs were pretty crampy as we approached Dalkeith. We got mildly lost right at the end. Willie reckoned we'd run 17.4 miles which I guess is possible, I hate the not knowing. We were running for 2hrs 28 mins by my watch.

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