Thursday, 26 February 2009


Happily seem to be recovering from Sunday quite well. I tested out my legs last night by going down to Portobello for a club session. It was hard to know what session to join. Lynn was going to have a tempo run of several varying distances. The tempo run aspect appealed but not a choice of routes as I was tired and brainless and thought I would just get lost as don't know the course. Bert had the usual full-on interval session arranged, 3mins hard with 2 mins recovery X 12 along the prom. Too much for fatigued legs. Gordon was having his session around Natwich alternating between a half mile and 1200m loop. I thought if I did this session and was finding the pace too hard I could back off and just do half mile loops or do less of them if I looked like holding things up too much.

Our plan was to run the half mile loop followed by 1 minute's rest followed by 1200 m loop, 1 min rest and do all of this 3 times. Steve who I was running with couldn't stand the sight of Ben and Peter disappearing off during our 1 min rest so he took off after them after about 15 seconds. I followed suit and then discovered I was enjoying running slower than the others but continuously so just ran the thing as a tempo run; the "tempo" being 7.08/mile, 7.25/mile, 7.50/mile, 7.56/mile! Clearly still slowed up but I was pleased at how much I'd recovered already. The dark back streets were relatively restful as well compared to the nasty flat straight intensity of the prom.

Found some photos from the Draycote Water race on their website. It was odd seeing myself on different laps, looking much the same but with slight changes in apparel. I've been at work at 7am for the last few days so a bit sleep deprived. Looking forwards to the weekend and trying another run on Saturday. Indian meal with my ex-boss Fiona and ex-colleagues on Saturday night which should be fun so I aim to run enough to compensate for curry, naan bread and some lagers during the day. (Lout)

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