Friday, 20 February 2009

A Fuel and their money

Got a fuelbelt off Wiggle and tested it out today. Its really nice and comfy. I was carrying 4 X 8 oz bottles of water (which may have seemed odd as it was raining) which I think is about a litre. Plan to carry energy drink during the 35 miler and have water at the feed-stations minimising time stopped or faffing around. Very pleased with this piece of kit. It massages your love handles nicely without hurting or pressing on any organs and its got a wee waterproof purse for your ipod.

Super low-pressure run today as I just wanted to check the belt was okay and run 7.5 miles to take the weekly tally up to 50 again. JOB DONE as Gordon Ramsay would say. BTW he's practically my twin, he was born in Glasgow the day after me. Beat him at the 2006 London Marathon too. Maybe I should start a sweary restaurant.

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