Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Christ they're big

Back out with my gadgets today. Suddenly its warm outside though and time to wear shorts again. All I can think when I see my white legs come out of hiding is "Christ they're big". Doubtless no bigger than they were when I put them away for winter. A good hard thrash twice round Arthur's seat with an innocent railway filling and a wee bit of running up and down the street to make it over the 12 mile mark. I ran downhill so hard it made my hair curl (and my teeth squint if the photo is to be believed). Feeling quite tough today and ready to take things on however I may have to take it easy at club as a result.
12.21 miles in 1hr43mins something, av. pace 8min30s miles, av. HR 158. That feels better.


Trail Monster Running said...

And it made green stuff ooze out of your head!

Yak Hunter said...

That green stuff is ectoplasm. It means I'm having a psychic moment.