Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saturday Gullane Run & Sunday Shrew Run and Submergathon

It was a nice day yesterday but I was slow and tired. I beat out 10 miles round the shore and went home too tired and uninspired to write any words about it.

Today, perhaps because Peter was crippling a bit as the after effects of the 2 Breweries Race, I felt a lot more spritely. We never saw a shrew (mores the pity) - it was just the shape of the run on the map looked like one. I chased Peter down the beach, not letting him get away until in a stroke of genius he shouted out "I'm being chased by Metal Mickey!". This was so ludicrous I had to laugh and lost the ability to run.

I've got us wetsuit socks now so we were trying them out today. They delay the sea reaching you but reach you it does. It trickles through the zip at the back and down the neck. The tide was way out and the water felt pretty cold. Hence the ooh matron face.

The submergathon is still on...

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