Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer's Back Sunday Run and Impromptu Swim

It was a beautiful warm day yesterday. I had run 13.5 miles the day before and was just up for a pootle about for a recovery run, so I headed out (how many times have you heard this) in my car with the leaky radiator, to Gullane. I hadn't thought about swimming but I keep swimming stuff permanently in the boot these days, and when I arrived I realised that this was maybe a good opportunity to do my "Ice-Bucket Challenge." I'd been nominated the week before and I was supposed to only have 48 hours to complete it, but I'd been working. I think the sanction, if you don't do the ice-bucket challenge, is the devil takes away a little bit of your soul every day you run over the agreed time-limit - kind of like using your overdraft. I could feel that my soul was a bit moth-eaten, but still in basically good shape and thought I should keep it that way.

I put swimming stuff (not a towel) in a rucksack and went out for a slow 5 miler first. I've never seen the tide out as far as it was yesterday. Not really ideal for swimming as it happens as you have to wade out miles to get any depth. Also, as I didn't have anyone to hold the camera, I knew I'd need to prop it up on a rock on shore and just get the whole thing done in one take.

It was lovely and warm and I really enjoyed the run - ripping along at 11 minute miles, wondering what it would be like if the whole Forth emptied, would it be like this all the way over to Fife? By 5 miles I was back on Gullane beach and I thought I could go up to the car and get organised and get a towel and stuff, but I couldn't be bothered, so decided to work with what I had. It probably meant the accidental flashing of some white bits at some dogs. I had to leave my shorts with my car-key in the pocket on a rock, along with my camera, which was a worry.

I like to take my time and enter the sea "like a girl" (Peter also prefers this method). This entails shouting about how cold it is and making a big big fuss until eventually you duck under for a few seconds and then reappear screaming before doing it again. Having the camera running meant I didn't have time for these niceties though. I kind of missed it. A quick in and out.

Anyway. The water was actually pretty warm. Ssssh! Don't tell anyone. And I "should" probably have tried going for a proper swim, it was a perfect opportunity and the water was lovely. However. I was starving and still had to run the gauntlet of Leith Tescos before getting home to eat. There's something about going in the sea that makes you super hungry.

Back in the car the radiator warning light flashed on again and I had mysteriously lost more radiator water. Back to the Citroen garage with it. That being yesterday, and this being tomorrow, I know what happened next, but I'm not telling you.

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