Monday, 21 October 2013

Sunday Run

Life got in the way of my Saturday long run this weekend. Life in the form of something else to do. I have been churning out longer runs without even knowing why anyway, so I thought this weekend I'd do about 13 instead. Sunday turned out to be a much nicer day than forecast anyway, so I was glad about it.
Peter had raced on the Saturday (twice!), so he came along too. En route we texted Amanda to see if she wanted to come and she texted back to say she'd be leaving shortly. I thought that it might be nice to have a coffee and a bun right away, to pass the time until Amanda came. Then it turned out she was going to meet us further down the coast so there was no need to wait for her, but by this time the thought of coffee and buns had lodged firmly in my head. I was tired and hungry, so I just went with it!

We never found Amanda. We found her car but not her, although I know she's still alive because we've made contact since, so don't worry.

It was much warmer than it has been, perfectly comfortable to run in a vest. There is a big moon hidden somewhere beyond all the rain-cloud that is going about and this has been affecting the tides and we hit a really low tide. This is a real treat as it means being able to run below the rock-line rather than stumbling over big pebbles on the beach and getting spiked by the sharp grass that grows in the dunes.

Today I forced myself out for a 10 miler round the seat. It was a struggle. I think I had a cumulative lack of sleep to make up for so I spent the afternoon trying to read about Foucault and his power relations and succeeding in having a long, long snooze stretched out on the sofa.

I've got another yoginjury in the form of a sore neck this time but I'm off to yoga in a few minutes because I can't bear to miss it. Hope I survive in one piece.

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