Sunday, 27 October 2013

Going Coastal

Some wedding shenanigans yesterday resulted in us only running a 2 mile hill run. Not enough to satisfy the need for a good hard thrashing, but enough to have DOMs today. The weather forecast for today was looking appalling and it looked like the only half-decent weather window would be early on. As the clocks were going back over night it wasn't really all that early. So it was that we found ourselves at Gullane at 9am this morning.

It seemed like a good move. The sun was out and the wind was brisk but forecast to become a lot brisker later on. There were some very autumnal things going on. Orange leaves blowing about in the breezes.

At Aberlady bay there was no-one and their dog. There were some foot-prints, some paw prints and a bike tyre track. That was the nearest we got to seeing anyone until we got along to Gullane beach proper. The wind was well behind us and it was just as well. It made running very easy, although any small ups and downs when we were diverted into the dunes brought out shrieks of surprise as both our uphill and downhill legs protested.

Turning back into the wind up the path past Archerfields was a slog. We got some cover from the trees. The last mile on the road we pretend is the last mile of a half-marathon and the game is to pick your pace up even though your legs have had enough. Peter zoomed off. I "let" him and found myself thinking about something else and forgot to run at half-marathon pace. Oh well.

Back in Gullane we could heed the call of coffee and cakes or we could get out of there and go home and have some soup. So home we went. I am full of pea soup. If you squeezed me I could do an impression of the girl in The Exorcist.

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