Saturday, 5 October 2013

Autumn run with synchronicity

Nice when someone up there pulls the strings for you. I went on my now usual circuit from North Berwick to Aberlady Bay and back along the beach. I seemed to have hit the rush hour at Aberlady as the bridge was choc-a-bloc with twitchers walking at 2mph...but they were very genial and friendly and I felt ashamed of some of the things I'd thought in the privacy of my own head about them...

Just as I got to the beach the sun came out. It was lovely. The wind was behind me and I cruised along to Gullane.
At Gullane beach carpark there was a huddle of fat-bikers just about to head into Gullane to Cools Ice-cream shop for some cones. Bruce was there with his camera on his head. There will be films!

There were fat-bikers from as far away as Stirling and Glasgow. I accidentally called the gentleman from Glasgow a weegie and got a torrent of abuse and gestures as a reward for my efforts. Those weegies are so talented at that kind of thing. I wanted to be cheekier but I couldn't stop laughing. I wanted to ask him if he didn't feel agoraphobic out under the open skies instead of cuttin' aboot the narrow lanes of Glasgow.

Maybe 2 minutes later Amanda turned up, out of the blue, with Harris, ready for a run. We couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried. I could give her a run back with Harris from North Berwick. (Harris hadn't run that far before), so she came with me for the last 8 miles of my run.

There was much talking and the time flew by. Before I knew it we were in North Berwick and we ran into the fat-bikers for a second time. They found some dark glasses for Amanda in the dunes. She is modelling them above. They were just away off for chips! I found £2.17 in the dunes, so I was over the moon. Sometimes life is just so easy.

After I'd dropped A and H back at Gullane I had a hearty sing-song in the car to Radiohead. It has been a perfect day.


coastkid said...

Great day on the coast!
Great to see you, Amanda and Harris!
We had a good laugh cycling!,
The Weegie mention is brillant! -:)
And the coast was as always a great cycle...

See you next time! -:)

Yak Hunter said...

See you next time Bruce! :-)