Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ho-hum, only a yum-yum

There was the usual kind of thinking behind today's long run. A brisk easterly was forecast and it would probably be a bit cold so I thought I'd take the train to North Berwick and run back as far as I could be bothered. I wanted to run 20 miles just because I've done a good few 18 milers and there doesn't seem to be any reason not to increase this a bit. Anyway it's a habit to run long and then run longer. I don't really know what it's for.

Peter and Bruce aka coastrider had agreed to meet for a long anticipated fat-wheeled bike and runner outing, so we got the train to North Berwick together and then parted company.

It was a cold wind and I was glad to turn my back on it. The sun would come out from time to time, cheering everything up, but in between times it was pretty cold and grey. I think I was tired after a hard week and I wasn't really going my best. Well not every run can be the best. All the stretch from NB to Aberlady was pretty good anyway. By Aberlady (about 11 miles) I was pretty hungry and thirsty. Sadly, they have ditched their coffee machine at the Londis. In the pastry section there was only a solitary yum-yum left. Not my favourite but it would do. Instead of a delicious coffee I had some cold, flat water, sitting on the wall on a cold grey day.

Well the running didn't get any better after this. At Seton Sands (16 miles) I had the quandary of what to do. Should I plug on to the Pans or Musselburgh or just call it a day? My tummy wasn't great and I was tired. Still, I didn't feel that bad and it seemed a shame to bail so early. I decided to have a coffee, even though it was late in the run, and run at least another 4 miles.

So I had a filter coffee standing next to a wall, trying to stay out the sharp wind. It was the same spot where Amanda and I stood in the winter, hiding from the horizontal snow, trying valiantly to train for the Highland Fling. That was torture. Looking back on it I don't know what the hell I was playing at. I felt terrible and was running really badly that day but for some reason we didn't give up. Amanda must have really struggled too. I was running around 10.40 pace. Anyhoo, things weren't so bad today.

So the next few miles weren't great and I had a growing sense of abdominal discomfort, but I made it to the middle of Musselburgh and caught a bus, and the run down the road from the bus-stop took me up to 21 miles for the day. Not a great average pace - but better than 10.40 pace! And my legs are a bit achy but not too bad.

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