Monday, 1 July 2013

Purple Rain

I'm loving the summer and the running is going quite well but I haven't felt inspired to say much about it. Most days out are a post-op pb; not because I'm looking for it but because it's coming to me. Yesterday's run in the Pentlands was a run too far though and I remembered just how bad it can feel. I've got a kind of a sore throat thing on the go just now but I went up the hills anyway. I've done a hilly run most weekends for the last few so I didn't want to break the trend. I felt crap though, weak as a kitten? (but anyone who's really had a square go with a kitten knows they can be quite feisty), weak as a baby? I don't know. The wind was blowing rain straight into my ear on the side of my face where my throat was sore and by the time we got home all my teeth were hurting too. I had a shower and some paracetamol and went to bed and woke up feeling a bit better.

I spent last weekend braced against the irrational fear that just because it was exactly a year since the atrial fibrillation started it would come back. It didn't, thank goodness, although I do get the odd loud banging heart-beats. So balanced up against the pleasure that my running seems to be getting better again is the fear that it will all get taken back off me. I think that's why I'm scared to say anything about it.

No races planned. Half a notion that if things continue to get better I might get myself in shape for the Pentland Skyline. This is a loosely held notion though. I have acres of time and hopefully the Skyline will remain "entry on the day".

In other news, Peter, despite his yogic posturing on his blog, has opted out of further yoga classes for now. I've signed up for a series of Ashtanga Yoga classes to get me through the summer. I think Ashtanga Yoga is the one that Madonna got into. (not that that's a plus). Also, I think they've changed the dye in Tesco's beetroot because I've been eating a lot of it and it has been turning my pee purple! TMI. I know.

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