Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Horse with No Name

I don't have any photographs to show you so here is another opportunity to experience one of the best songs for listening to on a hot day ever. I don't actually know what it's about and have never stopped to think about it. I guess I don't want to spoil it. All I know is that when I'm running round Arthur's Seat on a Wednesday morning, sweating profusely and feeling stripped of all pretence by the relentless hot sunshine, I AM  a horse with no name and it does feel good to be out of the rain. (End of.) 

No pre-op or post-op pbs today, in fact, I was quite a bit slower than last Wednesday. My legs were tired, I had some nasty warning pains in my left hip and my right shin and ankle. It might be all this yoga messing around with my alignment...On top of this I think I have hay fever. I don't usually get it, but ever since the weekend I've had a hot dry nose and a scratchy throat. We were near a place where children were kept so it's possible it's a cold. I hadn't really been sleeping well anyway, the combination of my own hot and feverish brain, the hot nights, the piercing screech of the gulls at dawn, Buchanan snoring...if we open the windows it lets Leith in...if we close them we bake. On top of that now add in a stuffy nose. Night time is a trial. At 3am I'm thinking - only 4 hours, you can get up in 4 hours.

So it wasn't that fast but it wasn't bad either. Hurrah.

I better get on and do other things.

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