Saturday, 16 February 2013

Carnethy 5

I ran so well I took a bow at the end

Ooooh I can hardly bring myself to blog about today's Carnethy 5. But here goes.
I gave myself 2 days off beforehand so I could be as fresh as possible for today. And my ribs weren't too bad, I felt them after rather than during the race.

On the way up Scald Law I was well below the top as I saw 22 minutes tick by....I've been at the top in 21 before. By West Kip it was 40 minutes as I was going up, and I knew full well I'd been down the other side and through the gate by that time before.

Oh it was going to be slow!

The trudge up Carnethy seemed eternal, and I tried a few times to put in a bit of a run, but to no great effect.
The run down the other side wasn't much better.

Before the descent I saw my previous "worst time ever" of 1h24m go by. That was made in 2001 on Carnethy, which was then my very first hill race.

I finally crossed the line in 1hr 34mins. My new worst time ever.

I could revel in this badness if I was convinced that that would stay my worst time ever, but there are probably new lows to come.

I have to counter my utter race-sickness by remembering that running is my friend. You can't give it up. Look what's happened to Brendan Foster.

In the rest of the world news, I can't believe Oscar Pistorius has killed his girlfriend and ruined his own life. Also, instead of doing the reading for my course work I've been rebelling and instead reading a biography of Timothy Leary "I have America Surrounded". It's a ripping good read so far.

If I'm not too creaky tomorrow I'm going to go a longish run on my own in the sunshine.

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