Saturday, 9 February 2013

East Linton Lope

The team were at their unfocused worst today. Aiming to get out earlyish and maybe run 18 miles from NB to Aberlady on the road and back along the coast, we dillyed and dallyed and were only just leaving the house about 1pm.  By this time I'd trimmed our ambitions down to a 10 miler from Gullane. We hadn't been down that way in a while. It would be nice. We could extend to 12 miles if we were having too much fun. I think the problem was it was just such a grey, overcast day. Not BAD for running but nothing was calling us out the house either.

We set off out the A1 to get to Gullane and got chatting and somehow forgot to watch out for the turn-offs - til before we knew it we were arriving at the near side of Dunbar. We had a hurried re-think and decided to drive to East Linton and run 7 and a half miles into Dunbar and then back. We just about had time to do it before dark.

I could be wrong but I don't think I'd run there since 2011 when I had a sore heel. All that was coming back to me...trying to build up the miles as quickly as possible for the Highland Fling once my heel started letting me. Grinding out the muddy miles on grey winter days. The unevenness of the off-road was making my ribs ache and I'm definitely compensating somehow or other as I was getting hip and buttock aches I don't usually get. I'm guessing I wasn't particularly good company as by half way through I'd settled into a surly kind of determination to just keep going and try to get back to East Linton before dark. Luckily there were distractions for Peter in the form of llamas, donkeys, pigs and goats.

Back at East Linton it was a relief to ease off my back muscles in the car. We set off home and... I don't know...just kind of went a strange way that had us come down a steep brae into North Berwick. So we took the coastal route home.

Peter's managed to get a lift so I'm ducking out of the XC. My exciting plan is to get out for a 5 miler or something early doors and then spend the rest of the day getting caught up on some course work...I know what you're thinking. I AM rock and roll.


coastkid said...

We passed your friend running with the wee dog at Marine Villa (Irish accent) she was past before i realised it was your friend...

Maybe see you guys on the coast soon, mind there is a spare fat bike here for Peter any Saturday he fancies a beach cycle. maybe we could do a cycle alongside some runners? -:)

Bruce (coastkid)

Yak Hunter said...

Hi Bruce,

Glad to hear Amanda was out running. Was it a wee red dog or a wee grey dog?

I'm sure we will see you soon, and I'm pretty sure Peter fancies a beach cycle. Will tell him.

Climbingmandy said...

Hey Mary!
We should have hooked up yesterday. I ran from Alison's with my mum's dog, Tilly. Then swapped dogs at NB for her other dog, Toby for the return leg! I really got to remember Bruce's name. I usually greet him with excited exclamation 'it's the fat bike boys'!
We're about today if you fancy ditching the course work...

Yak Hunter said...

Amanda, that sounds like a good run. We would have hooked up with you but the Berlingo had other ideas.

I must do the course work, or at least some of it, it's haunting me!