Saturday, 7 July 2012


I thought we might as well apply that old chestnut about lemons and making lemonade today as the rain pissed down from the sky yet again. So we decided to take the wet suits and go swimming. I had a Google to see if people had been using the lagoons in Musselburgh for outdoor swimming, but while I was surfing around I came across a thing from the Kayak Club about Seacliff beach, just beyond North Berwick. It looked nice and Peter had mentioned it recently so we set off there.

When we got there the surf was up, complete with real life surfers on it. They were just leaving though, as it was after 5. As with so many of our adventures it had taken us a while to put our plans into action.

First of all we took a walk along the beach and looked at the harbour cut into the rock at the end of it. Then, coming back we had to make up our minds about whether we were going in or not. Its always quite a thought. However, the air temperature was really warm and we talked ourselves into going in.

The sea was  big and the breakers were hitting us hard. There wasn't much swimming involved, more just getting knocked over and getting back up again. Still both of us thought it was tremendous. Quite scary at first but once we were in the thick of it it was clear that the sea would be taking us nowhere but inland. We stayed in as long as we could until our hands and feet were numbing out and then had a jog around the beach to warm up.

Lovely relaxing day. The sea seems to wipe your brain clean. Both in much better moods now than we were when we set out.


middle.professor said...

Great pictures. Looks fun! Is that Bass Rock in the bottom Pic? My many times great uncle Alexander Peden was there once but escaped.

Yak Hunter said...

It is the Bass Rock. I was going to ask if Uncle Alexander was a gannet but after some googling I realise there used to be a prison there. Nice one. I had no idea