Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chariots of Fire race and a wee run today.

I went along to support/watch/take photos at the Chariots of Fire beach race leg of the Tour of Fife up at St. Andrew's last night. There were rain clouds chasing across the sky and a few heavy downpours as we were driving up and I reckon the tourists were very lucky not to get a soaking during the race. It wasn't warm and at first the beach seemed a bit dreich and empty but then some big dramatic clouds moved over. It was very atmospheric and I enjoyed being there.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Corstorphine dominated the race. I don't know what they're eating over there in the west part of the city. Not much by the look of them! Very impressive though. Peter practically ran the race hand in hand with Craig Love. They were inseparable. Michael was maybe a little jaded from his 6 (small!) beers the night before but he didn't allow the 5 second gap between him and Peter to open by much. Julia led from the front as she has in every race in the tour and was a clear winner. Amanda was similarly quite secure in 2nd place with about 10 men running along taking shelter behind her. Shameful really. Ruth was looking strong and is clearly returning to form quickly after her injury.

I set off walking back as soon as the front of the race had gone past me because it takes so much longer to walk than to run. Then I thought I should have a look behind to see what the sky was doing and moments later the red arrows did a fly-over. I wish I'd done a better job of taking pictures of them but I had no warning.

It was good being out and about although I had to keep reminding myself that I can't just plan to enter loads of races as Michael G.'s wild enthusiasm for racing spread around the car.

Today I went a small, controlled run round a 5 mile circuit out past the lagoons at Musselburgh and back to the Quayside on the road. My heart-rate shot up far too high for the first mile. (Its been doing this for years, looking back on old runs, although not so much or for so long) but just after a mile it snapped down to about 130 and the rest of the run was there or a bit slower. I was definitely having to work harder than I usually would to sustain 130bpm but it was enjoyable. I also managed sub 9 min/mile pace and the bonus ball was that when I stopped running my heart-rate dropped down normally like it should and I felt okay driving home. That titchy little run has put me in a good mood. I think its time to try a run in the Pentlands soon and see just how bad the hills are.

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