Saturday, 14 July 2012

Automatic ECG Event Recorder

I went to the Western General this afternoon to pick up a monitor thing that I've to wear for a week to pick up "events". The ECG physio said it was unobtrusive but it kind of sticks out under a jersey. And I better not set up any deals with criminals this week cause it looks like I'm wearing a wire.

I had a run on Wednesday and it was diabolical. I went my routine tour of Arthur's Seat. Half way up the road an older gent joined the path, having come up from the steps at the side and sped off into the distance. Not that there aren't many older gents who can beat me, there are, but I was going really slowly and still  I was blowing like billy-o and the sweat was lashing off me in sheets. It was absolutely rubbish. I had to stop and walk twice and when I got home I was depressed. I had to reason that I'd missed a couple of night's sleep and I was still just adjusting.

I thought I'd get out and try again tonight - but this time go somewhere flat. I settled on driving to Musselburgh and running round the race-course and the lagoons etc. My heart rate went nuts at first but settled down after a mile and then although I wasn't going fast I was 9 and a bit minute miling and just enjoying being out there. It was pretty much exactly a 5 mile route. For the last half mile I tried to bring my heart-rate down but it wasn't coming down and afterwards I felt pretty strange for a good while - which is how I've been feeling - these past few weeks. I had a coffee before I went out and I think I've managed to burst somewhat out of the straight-jacket that the beta-blocker puts on your heart, but I'd also lost the calming effect.

So next time there will be no coffee and I'm going to take my cool down really seriously.

I'm starting to get my head round  some of the possible/likely things I might need to do. "Cardioversion" is getting a heart shock to try and jog your heart back into sinus rhythm. Apparently it works 70-90% of the time although the atrial fibrillation tends to come back after a while. Sounds okay really but you have to take warfarin for a good while before and afterwards in case you get any clots. The next thing would be catheter ablation which is burning out the dodgy electrical circuits which cause the irregular beat. That can cure you completely...but its surgery and that's scarey...Enough reality already. Its the weekend. Quite fancy another swim in the sea if the weather's half decent.

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