Sunday, 27 May 2012

Possibly the fastest girls

What a hot day today for the Edinburgh Marathon and Relay. We didn't see any other female teams ahead of us at the change-overs (male to female and female to male but not female to female) so think we might have been the 1st female team. I've had a good scout around the EMF website and there is no mention of prizes anywhere - so I realise I'm not that bothered if we don't get prizes or crowns or something.

It was nearly too exciting running thinking we were winning anyway. In order to avoid any intestinal upsets today my strategy was to drink nothing. It was hot as the blazes and I was running with the fear as I was the anchor leg of the relay and I didn't want to blow it. The wind was behind me, running along from Port Seton, the road shimmered and the heat was relentless.

I had a nice little bit of unexpected glory when Kevin Clark appeared with my 3rd FV45 trophy from the Borders XC and a packet of veggie Percy Pigs! Hurrah!

Despite being careful to use the suntan lotion we've got left over from our last Spanish holiday c. 2004 I have some very hot red bits.

I was awfully glad not to be running a marathon today.

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