Saturday, 19 May 2012

Another Pentlands Run

It had stopped raining at last. I was getting no trouble from my ankle. We were both agreed we needed  a longish run on easyish terrain so we settled for the low level Pentlands route. Its a little bit rough in places, but nothing major. Kind to recently twanged ankles and recovering plantar fascii. It was cold and still raining a bit at times but nothing compared to how its been. Once we warmed up it was a good run, uneventful, getting tired by 9 miles on the long haul back uphill to the Maiden's Cleugh and glad to stop just shy of 12 miles back at the van.

I wore my Skins calf thingummys, partly to conceal a nasty old grey compression bandage I had round my left ankle, and partly just to keep my legs warm. Peter took exception to them for some reason. We had a planned trip to Tescos on the way home and I was not to wear them, no matter what. It was nice having warm legs! They don't compress at all anymore, they were nearly falling down.

Meanwhile some football teams called Hibs and Hearts were having a match. Apparently the "Jambos" won 5:1, and now the denizens of Leith are using this as an excuse for bad behaviour. 2 meat wagons and an ambulance on our street alone when we arrived home. There is much shouting and singing. No reason to go out the house til tomorrow and its just as well.

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