Thursday, 24 May 2012


Me and the girls. Surely Not!

It is summer break from university so I made it to the club session last night for the first time in maybe 10 months. The session was Gordon's "Follow the Leader" hill reps. Great fun. Everyone takes it in turn to lead a 4 minute trip along, up and down the paths of Arthur's Seat. I am anal enough normally to return people to where they're meant to be pretty much bang on time, but last night some de-mob happiness got the better of me and I took the team on a 7 minute run on the gentle paths and coconut scented corridors of gorse on Whinny Hill, arriving back at Gordon sans 2 people! Oh the shame. I was just going to go and look for them when they emerged on a headland some distance away. How could it all have gone so wrong?

Also, the ladies' relay team (known as  the Hairy Haggis relay) for the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday had lost their last leg runner to injury, so I was quickly substituted in. Glory be. I get to run the last 5 miles of a marathon on fresh legs.

I have been tinkering with essays and snoozing all day so might go a nice run at the beach tonight when Peter gets home.

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