Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fat Bikes and Sea Breezes

We had our challenges today. Driving the car was a team effort as I've got a crick in my neck and can't look over my shoulder. Peter's foot is still twinging. Michael's had a bad knee for a few months. Still, the rain had stopped at last and the sun had come out so we went for a flattish run round on the beach at Aberlady Bay, Gullane and beyond, taking care to have the brisk westerly wind behind us.

Michael wanted to go and see the mini-subs which meant a half mile run into the wind (its endless, they always look quite near but they're not). We saw there were fat tyre marks which could mean only one thing, Coastrider and friends could not be far away. We bumped into Bruce and Jason early last spring while out training for the Highland Fling. They were cycling over sea-weedy rocks on big fat tyred bikes so we had to ask them about it. We've kind of kept up with what they've been doing since. We often see their tyre tracks but we've not really seen them since last year. Today was the day however. We all arrived at the same point just beyond Gullane. It turns out they've bought 5 extra Surly Pugsleys and are going to start Fatbike Tours shortly, so that other people can sample the delights of riding a bike on the beach! Bruce makes great wee films out on his bike and so him and Peter had much to talk about. In the end we had to drag Peter away because our injuries were all seizing up.

Michael's injury has not really dampened down the fires of his enthusiasm for running. After half an hour or so of running with him  he had me convinced that I needed to do an uphill race at Glenshee shortly and  the southside 6 in Glasgow in November (16 miles of running from park to park and crossing busy roads). We're already signed up for the Tour of Fife. We should probably do the Dechmont Law 10k and the Musselburgh 10K too...  I had to keep reminding myself I've got an essay to 1. read for and 2. write and I'm not going anywhere until its done...

This was only the 2nd time I'd run this week, a consequence of resting a bit after E2NB last Saturday and then the bleak Bladerunner style all-day downpours that were around for most of the week. Sometimes not running can make you feel sluggish but I was feeling pretty good. Peter and Michael both being injured kept the pace manageable. As long as I do more running soon then it could be that I'm feeling quite good. Apart from the neck. But hopefully that's temporary.

In the end we ran a little under 11.5 miles and then found ourselves parked outside the Gullane Superfry. Chip rolls were eaten. Irn Bru was drunk!

Looks like the weather's due to close in again tomorrow. It was nice while it lasted.

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