Friday, 18 March 2011

Supermoon Run

In my continuing attempt to ramp my mileage up as quickly as possible I hoped to run a 30 miler today. Peter's doing the Alloa half on Sunday but decided to come along too. I'd thought about running to Aberlady and back for easiness but there was quite a stiff, cold Westish wind so we decided we were as well just heading down the coast with the wind behind us.

It was bright and breezy and a joy to be out. The tide was way up high to start with ( no doubt due to the Supermoon )  so we had to miss the first couple of beaches, but we were taking it pretty easy and soon enough the tide started to go out. Both of us were getting a bit stiff and hungry by Aberlady where we ate crisps rolls and tablet on a cold wooden bench, but after that the scenery got increasingly spectacular and helped us to forget about our aches and pains.

Pretty soon the Supermoon put in a personal appearance and the low sun shone warmly on the ever-expanding beach. Both of us were finding it all pretty nice. By the time we rounded the last point to North Berwick we had only run 25 miles but the moon was now shining brightly and the sky was dark and the town lights were twinkling and neither of us could be bothered with any convoluted malarkey just to throw in some extra miles. It was just over 26 by the time we got to the train station and then 27 by the time we got to Scotmid over the road to buy something for tea. The only thing we have yet made any inroads on is the bottle of wine which was recommended to us by a surprisingly knowledgeable man who was filling the shelves there. Coming in at a very reasonable £4.19 I would highly recommend a French wine from 2008 called "Les Crouzes". Very good a few hours after a crisp roll and some tablet from Forfar. Cheers!

The Supermoon is full tomorrow and will apparently be spectacular. (It was pretty good today.)

Photos: Master Peter Buchanan

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sandymacd said...

Amazing photos... And well done one the run. No mention of any discomfort so that's surely good? I will watch out for that moon tomorrow.