Saturday, 26 March 2011

Aberlady Chase

Today's run was a nice beachy 12+ miler. Peter ran 40 miles yesterday and Amanda was a bit under the weather so for once I found the pace quite easy for the first mile or two!

I knew it wouldn't last - I'm no fool. Pretty soon Amanda took off along the headland and I stretched out to try to stay in touch. After all the long, conservative running this was both good and terrible. I had some good moments when I was thinking " I can do this! Maybe I'm really fit all of a sudden!", but pretty soon reality caught up with me and I started to toil. Plus the sea grass was so sharp it cut my finger deeply as I brushed my hand against it. The loss of blood was probably a significant factor in my slowing down. Okay, NOT. I was enjoying trying though so kept trying to keep the pace up.

We'd pretty much talked ourselves into getting the special cheese tongues with incorporated sausage that you can get on a Saturday at Falko's, but by the time we rolled in there were but 2 cheese tongues left, so we got them and a pretzel (Thanks Amanda!) and divvied them up between us. All washed down with diet irn bru and some jelly babies for afters...

It seems tomorrow we are going to join the Porty Portobello to North Berwick run in the morning. I better go and do something to my legs or it will be a nightmare. Everyone's going to be fresh and I'm going to be S-L-O-W.

I've done 59 miles this week though. Its going up nicely.

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