Saturday, 19 March 2011

On the Catwalk

Yesterday I hid the horrible truth from myself, but today it had to be faced. Despite running 27 miles yesterday my mileage for the week was only sitting at 41 miles and I had really wanted to do 55 - 60 miles, so the minimum acceptable seemed to be over the 50 mark... I had 9 miles still to run today.

Woke up stiff-legged, inflexible, hungry. Tried to think what might be nice to do. How about a little hilliness? Nice and soft underfoot. I decided on the extended Red Moss Revolution route, where instead of turning left onto Hare Hill from the Drove Road, you carry on up to the top of one of the Kips (take your pick, today I chose West) and then run down to the Howe, along the track towards Balerno then re-join the Red Moss route between Hare Hill and Black Hill. Incomprehensibly Peter came too, despite already being tired and having the Alloa half tomorrow. I wasn't complaining, it was a lot easier having company.

It was chilly and grey but I was happy to be in the hills again - suddenly realising I hadn't done any since Carnethy. (And at Carnethy I couldn't hear and I couldn't breathe. I might as well of had a glass bowl of snot over my head.) I was utterly, hopelessly rubbish on the downhills and vowed to come back and repair some of my lost abilities.

By the time we got back to the van at Red Moss Car park we'd only run 8 miles so we made up the difference running round the man-made board walk thing that runs over the...well its probably the red moss...I've never stopped to read the explanatory boards... It is brilliant running, really good fun. A couple of laps made up the extra mile and then we had a race (I had a good head start) back to the car park, which I won by the skin of my teeth.

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