Thursday, 3 March 2011

NB to Dunbar

Its pushing it but I'm running out of time. After I suffered no real ill effects from doing nearly 18 miles last Saturday I thought I'd push up my mileage by trying a 22 miler today. Sadly the sun, which had been shining earlier in the week when I was working, was now hidden by humourless grey clouds. I really didn't feel like running far today but we've already half hatched a plan to race on Saturday so if I wanted my legs to recover in time it really had to be today.

So, the team, up and at 'em as usual, parked beside North Berwick Law just after 2pm and set off along the John Muir Way towards Dunbar, with the plan of turning around at 11 miles. We had an early stop in East Linton at the Co-op (with mud wedges on my trainers, the woman behind the counter looked askance at me and I don't blame her) for Chocolate Brownies and fudge which were delicious but I ate with a sinking sense that now I was committed to the whole distance - nothing less could justify eating all that sugar!

Its a pretty nice route but I can't do it justice - it was just about knocking some miles out today. We'd pretty much failed to think about when sundown would be and how that would affect us so we were benighted for about the last hour of running. Strangely, running in the dark was quite comforting. It was easier to switch off from the reality of it all. The birds all put on a concert for dusk - the thrushes were a-chucking and the owls in the woods were hooting. The pheasants sounded like someone was throttling them for about 10 minutes - maybe they were...

So home now and I'm having a celebratory beer. That went okay.  Well actually it was excruciating.

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Karin said...

Dead bunny, alpaca and snowdrops - an eclectic selection of photos :) Might not have been fun, but these ones make the good ones better.