Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pans 2 NB

Today's aim was a 15+ mile run to start increasing the see whether the Highland Fling is now out of the question or salvageable. We kicked around all the 15 mile routes we could think of and weren't inspired by any of them so we decided to buy day-saver tickets to North Berwick, jump off the train at Prestonpans and run to North Berwick, getting the train back home. Peter's mileage is increasing nicely. He did a 30 miler on Tuesday and still went to the club session on Wednesday, so he was just along for the extra miles and as moral support.

Both of us had tired legs right from the get go. Peter's getting close to an 80 mile week so there were no mysteries there about why his legs hurt but I last ran 4 and a half miles on Thursday. Why then do mine feel like set concrete?

Nice day. Definite signs of spring on the way. All spring was out of my step by 9 miles or so however and it gradually became undiluted hell on a stick. I used the cover of the roar of traffic in the last couple of miles into North Berwick to shout profanities as Peter looked on and laughed and pointed at his head. I enjoyed letting loose with the histrionics. Don't usually make a fuss. Then I realised that we were dangerously close to the time of the next train back to Edinburgh so I had to concentrate and try to get a move on. Got to the train about a minute before it pulled out the station. So that was good.

15.8 miles plus 1 each way to and from the station. The jury's still out about whether I can up the mileage enough for the Fling. The Borders XC tomorrow should be interesting...

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