Saturday, 5 February 2011

My hair hurts

Thank you for kind wishes to get well again! The dream state goes on. This consists of me and P. floating about the house sniffling and groaning, sometimes finding it all quite funny and other times succumbing to the terrible aches.

"Inception" arrived from Love Film so we settled down to watch that last night. Initially really off-putting, like having someone strutting about boasting "look how clever I am, you can't even understand me!". It wasn't maybe as clever as it thought it was but it had some good bits in it.

No running again today, - we're both still fevery and I'm coughing like I've been on the Capstans. But the sun is out so maybe we'll take our expensive new exhaust system out for a test run and go a walk on the beach or something...

I think its fair to say the Highland Fling training is not going very well... I had one of my classic anxiety dreams last night where I had a Higher Geography and I think Chemistry to sit imminently and had not done any studying for the last 2 years while I was supposed to be learning it. I was looking around for a book that I could read at the last moment that would  outline what I needed to know. I did see a book by Mary Webster who might have written one of the Higher Physics books we used back in the day...

Oddly, I think it will all work out fine. At least I'm giving my heel injury a proper rest, something I was finding it impossible to do.


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Anonymous said...

Does Inception make any more sense with a fever? It's been a long hard winter so far, maybe we're all overdoing it in that fear of the NEXT BIG RACE. A bit of enforced chill time is no bad thing. I hope you're feeling better soon.