Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Essay Time


I was allowed to go for a run today if I wanted to. I'm still a bit deaf with a head full of gunk but definitely feeling better and able to breathe at night so I'd told myself I could go for a run in the morning if I wanted to see 'what condition my condition was in' (Big Lebowski 1998).

It is however essay time again and having suddenly realised that my being ill and not having any work booked for the week was a good opportunity to get in and get the next essay's back broken, I spent a restless night half thinking about what I would write.

Its torture when the ideas start coming and you can't get them pinned down so I was ready to go when I got up this morning.
The next thing I knew 4 hours had passed and Peter was asking me about something. What was that by the way? Then the next thing it was 4.30 and we decided we'd go for a run in an hour if I had a snack right away. I don't know what happened to Peter - must have fallen asleep on the sofa, but the next thing I knew it was 7.30 pm and I had written 3,100 of the requisite 4000 words. I caught myself re-reading and starting to do a bit of a re-write and add in some more and recognised from the numb feeling in my brain that I was done for the day and that no re-writing or re-reading was going to do any good for today anyway. Hah! The day has flashed past.

Already clouds of doubt are starting to emerge about whether I have understood this and that concept a-right but it really is time to stand away from the doors please...

So no running again today which is probably wise. Another day, head a little clearer perhaps...Today was day no. 8. Because I have felt so ill I've not really missed running. What I've missed is the opportunity to get some last minute hills in for Carnethy, but  I'm at that stage of loss which is bargaining - which is - so I have a shit Carnethy - I am willing to trade that for getting properly well and being able to start upping my training again for the Highland Fling. So Jim, if there IS a Jim, could you fix it for me?


andrew.henderson said...

Glad to hear the corner has been turned

Yak Hunter said...

thank you andrew!