Thursday, 1 July 2010

Penguin, Rehab, Cowardice

A small amount to say on a number of topics today.
The 1st is Penguin

I saw this advertised on the American Runner's World website - special washing stuff which professes to take all the smell out of technical gear as well as return waterproof stuff to its  original waterproofness. Now I've got a few real favourite pieces of running kit which I only wear if I'm going out alone because no matter how much I wash them, they hum. Worth a try. Peter says its just me, but I don't think so. "Penguin" is not readily available in the shops yet so I got it off of Amazon.

The 2nd is Rehab;

Since leaving my post on an acute psychiatric ward I realise that maybe there's a process for me to go through, the same as there is for people who have been inpatient there a while and need to readjust to what we confidently call the community. I've got a few habits I realise I need to break. One is that I don't get up unless I have to. Another is that I don't get dressed unless there's "a special reason" to. I've got work clothes and I've got running kit and I've got ??? Race t-shirts?
Got to learn some social skills too - some small talk. At work I've had to be direct. "Get down from there", that kind of thing. Running doesn't lend itself to niceties either. "God I'm fucked", will only take you so far.
I've got some shifts in the community next week, so hopefully I'll be a bit prepared by then.


My 3rd and final topic of today is Cowardice

We've got the Barra half marathon lined up this weekend but their usual boat has broken down so instead of the usual 5hr sea journey arriving at about 8pm, its a 6hr journey arriving at 2240hrs. As we were planning on camping this didn't seem ideal as we'd be setting up camp in the gloom. We'd also be relying on eating on the ferry which is alright if its a smooth crossing but I've been checking out the weather forecast and there are 46mph winds forecast tonight dropping to a mere 30 mph tomorrow during the day and night - then 30 mph winds for the race rising to 40mph winds on Saturday night and then rising again to 50mph for the 6hr sea-journey back to Oban. A goddamn puke-fest. Growing up on an island I'd kind of trained myself to go into a bit of a trance for the 2hr crossing of the Pentland Firth - but Peter, who gets equally if not more travel sick won't ever stop harping on about the prospect of being sick making the outcome almost inevitable.
Thankfully Peter is starting to see it my way. We might give that one a miss. My thoughts and prayers go out to the souls who decide to make the journey....


jen said...

I love your boat illustration and you have a very potent and entirely reasonable reason for deciding against Barra. BUT, that is the island where an aeroplane lands on the beach, glorious place to fly to from what I hear. But may be prohibitively expensive, but worth checking out.
Be interested in whether Penguin works, I have a pair of dearly loved sandals that are not fit for company. And, like you, when not in company I tend to be in the house and, when in the house, as often as not, in or near bed!! (It's growing up in a large drafty and perpetually cold house that does it).

Phil said...

Hiya Mary - great post; I too had (notice past tense) a much-loved, first tech t-shirt I ever bought. Was in great nick when I consigned it to the charity bin, but was seriously 'anti-social' reeking, even when cleaned. What I'd give for Penguin then - but then, that's what Rod Stewart was singin' about wasn't it... Ooh la la - enjoy your weekend.