Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunny Pentlands

Pentlands again, but they were spectacular. Both of us had tired legs from last week's racing and it was hot and windy up there so pretty soon we were dehydrated. I wanted a Scotch egg for some reason. Mmmm, salty sausage, eggy egg and all in a crispy crumb coating! Didn't have anything of the kind however.
Very gentle paced run/walk from Bonaly going anti-clockwise round the Skyline route, skipping South Black Hill and dropping down to the road after Carnethy to head back across to Bonaly. A little under 13 miles and 3hrs 20 mins or so. Surprisingly few people up there but then maybe that's because we never got there til after 3pm.
Rest day today and just as well.

Photos stolen from Peter.


Anonymous said...

We were running in the Pentlands on Sunday afternoon too (Bavelaw, Nine Mile Burn, N Esk Resr) and as you say it was beautiful, probably as dry as I have ever seen it and remarkably quiet - I think there was some sort of football match on TV.

Yak Hunter said...

Ahah, the footy! That explains it. Like your blog by the way.