Saturday, 31 July 2010

Up Hell Time Trial - Tour of Fife Day 5

Just a quick one because I've got to get ready for today's action but if I don't write about the UHTT it'll get superseded by the next race which would be a pity, because I like this one the best!

There's something about running straight up a hill that helps me to focus so whereas on other days my mind has been flying around all over the place there was very little in my mind as I set off up the hill.

I ran 14.08 last year and I would have liked to get near that again but there's no real way to decide what pace you're going to run at - more like what effort you're going to make, so I made the best effort I could. It felt pretty smooth for the 1st metric mile and got more difficult as the end drew near. I had to ignore the amusing shenanigans of the devil capering around me just to keep moving forwards. If I'd cracked a smile I'd have ground to a halt I reckon.

The last bit, into the wind, hurt like hell, seeming to go on endlessly. 14.45. I wish I could have gone quicker but I gave it my best shot.

Like last year I was much further up the field for this one than any of the others. Why I should be better at going uphill than anything else I don't know.

So today is a final 5.5 mile run at Strathmiglo. The tour is nearly over! I feel like the summer holidays are ending...

Thanks for the photo to roadrunpics

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