Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Legend of Lungbuster Hill

I don't think there is a legend of Lungbuster Hill but its a good, dramatic title isn't it? Or if there is a legend its our Amanda who is going from strength to strength and won this one. Or really Ruth is a legend too. I thought I might have her beat this time because I like a bit of a hill and came off the top of the hill ahead of her. I was pretty sure she was wearing road shoes and I thought the surface, which was a bit skaty, might slow her down.

I passed a few road runners in distress, put off by the unstable stony surface, and I didn't hear Ruth's breathing so I thought maybe I'd get to the end first - but the road home was too long. You can see me above all unawares and the Johnstone closing down the distance!

We both burned off some of our men friends we've been making - so that was good. And we were a bit further up the field. I'm agog to see how British Military Fitness prepares a body for running on the sand, but in my heart of hearts I have a good idea. Sigh. She's a good advert for them.

Yesterday was kind of weird. I went up to work at the hospital and was sent to my own ex-ward, which was very comfortable for me. Got to catch up with everyone and see how things were one month on. I nearly, out of habit, offered to cover this morning as they were going to be short again. But I have other business to attend to.

Tonight's malarkey - St Andrew's beach run. I remember hating this one with every fibre of my being, but as Marc Grierson says Hell = Fun. (I think he said LOL too, whatever that means.)


Phil said...

Really enjoying the posts Mary,keep 'em up for the whole tour I hope?
Some great performances from all, particularly Amanda - you can see the confidence at the moment, can't you?
I must admit, with all these races and the likes of Turnhouse last night, the summer is taking on a nice non-road-running feel! I've pencilled in North Berwick Law next week - maybe see you guys there. :)

Yak Hunter said...

Thanks Phil.
Seems like there's a real swell of enthusiasm for hill and off-road running in the club which is great. Pity all the mid-week races clash with the club session though. We may well have a go at North Berwick Law. have never done it.