Saturday, 26 September 2009

Jelly Sandals

Another new pair of Nikes; this time the lunar trainer. I wasn't drawn to their jelly mould looks but they were on sale and I'd read some good things about them. I took them out for a spin round Arthur's Seat this evening on what could have been slightly sore feet from running 10 miles yesterday but they felt great. My only complaint is they make a "spodge, spodge, spodge" sound as I run along.

This made me think about my first ever pair of Nikes, which I bought circa 1993. They were orange. At £40 they were the single most expensive item of clothing I'd ever bought for myself and I hesitated long in the shop before I bought them.
Since I'd been running in some old pair of trainers I'd had for years these were a delight to wear and I felt pride every time I pulled them on.

I know that at the moment it is popular to think that Nike is the axis of evil and tiny children lose their sight sewing the shoes by hand all day in poor lighting for £7.50 a year, and that they've actually injured thousands of runners with their cushy running shoes, but for me Nike is embedded in my running like Bob Glover's running books were. They got me started and kept me going and I've only been injured properly once for about 6 weeks in 2004.

On another note, tapering for the marathon is taking on some interesting twists and turns. I've just done my highest mileage week in three months! Oops! Feel fine though.
Peter decided that what he needed to set himself up for a good marathon was to do the 2 breweries today. 3 and a half hours of hill running was just what he needed.
Now we're both messing about on computers and have not even had our tea yet! Better get moving, stretch etc..


pb said...

This eulogy to nike is like the insipid penguin's column in runners world. Stop buying a new pair of shoes every week and make my dinner please.
your husband

Climbingmandy said...

I think they are cool shoes :) I'm less impressed by the lack of tapering but then, I'm not the one doing Loch Ness next weekend.