Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Monkey Feet

It was a warm, rainy and blowy day and after vacillating all day yesterday about going for a run and going a small one at night I was somehow in better fettle today and decided I'd go and see how the Water of Leith was looking and run maybe 12 miles. How I make these decisions I don't know, it just seemed about right. I did think about taking the camera because how can I illustrate my runs? but I hoped to push the pace a bit at some point and it was chucking it down so decided against it.

Which was a pity because the WOL is swollen and black and the shrubs, bushes and trees have all gone crazy since the last time I was up there. I barely recognised some of it because it was so overgrown and the Garmin did very well to keep a signal as there was more greenery overhead than I ever remember there being.

Legs were a bit stiff but I just set off at any old pace and after 3 miles was starting to feel okay. Decided rather than an out and back I'd make it a round trip and go back across town beside the canal, cross the meadows and then head home via Arthur's Seat. At the canal I thought as a nod to the up and coming marathon that I should try and do a few miles at "marathon pace" (which was sub 8min pace but I think its unlikely that this is this coming marathon pace, - it is last marathon pace...) So I did 3 miles sub 8 but the machinery was creaking a lot!

All-in-all a good run but I got a bit dehydrated as didn't drink before or take anything to drink. (Saw 2 dogs licking the water off some big green leaves and was tempted to join in.) 12.3 miles in 1hr 50mins.

So what of monkey feet? These are my new vibram 5 finger shoes which are going to revolutionise my running. I'll be streaking along like Zola Budd in no time. For now however I have only used them to scare various delivery men and meter readers. "Why did you choose the one's that look like zombie's feet?" enquired Peter. I dunno, I thought it'd make a change from black. They do look a bit like a dead person's feet except with athlete's foot between every toe.


mindy said...

Sounds like a solid run, Mary. What marathon are your training for? I like the dead feet!

Yak Hunter said...

Hi Mindy,
Its the Loch Ness Marathon on 4th October. Meant to train hard for it but got distracted!

Billy said...

Good luck with the vibrams. Not sure about the colour though. Peuce? (I think that's the plural of puke).

Yak Hunter said...


Have you got blogger's block? Where you been?
I'm quite excited about trying a bit of semi-barefoot running but haven't been out yet. Wouldn't buy the same colour again. I don't know what I was thinking! Quite funny though...