Sunday, 20 September 2009

Not the Stirling 10K

No posts for a little while. I have been getting hooked to facebook, but am getting over that now. Some things are good, like chatting to people and seeing photos and I'm a permanent fan of Scrabble.

Did another long run of 20 miles at ho-hum speed last weekend but I was really tired before I even set out so I'm giving myself credit for even doing it. Should now be tapering but I'm feeling I never really peaked! Lowest ever mileage for a marathon - I checked back and that's ever, ever, ever...

Anyway, Peter fancied a 10K as he's been going unreasonably well so he signed us up for Stirling 10K today. We both took it easy running wise yesterday and got to bed reasonably early - but then both slept in. None-the-less we were ready to go pretty much in time but when I got out to the car one of the brakes had seized to the wheel. I guess this has been threatening to happen for a while...looking back on it. A man with a LANDON! accent was out in the street and said we should hit the wheel with a hammer - which we did, but it stayed stuck on. Bollocks.

We phoned around to see if we could cadge a last minute lift but other Porties were already in Falkirk. Peter was sad to miss the race and I was more worried about the car. We rang our friends Richard and Amanda and Richard came and rescued us and took us to the Pentlands for a low-level 12 miler. Amanda and Scott brought a picnic and met us in the carpark afterwards. We had half thought about going swimming in Threipmuir in our wetsuits, but no-one else wanted to and once I'd cooled down neither did I. Coffee and apple-cake a la Amanda improved the day.

A fat little Robin came and sat very close but wouldn't make actual contact despite cake bribes.

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Stuart said...

Sorry to hear about you missing the Stirling 10k.
If you still fancy a 10k before Loch Ness there is a good one in Norham next Sunday (27th). Details at