Saturday, 3 October 2009

Going bananas in pyjamas

I'd forgotten about this pre-marathon stuff. Ever since I left work on Thursday I've been mooching around lifelessly; in fact I have not got dressed or been out the house. I spent all day yesterday doing stuff on computers and although I'd thought I might go out an easy 5 miler to ease my legs off I did nothing of the kind.
I feel like I'm carrying a heavy weight around and can't imagine running 26.2 miles.
The wind tomorrow looks fairly favourable and its nice and cool so it looks like the Gods might be kind.

It struck me while googling for a picture for this post that "bananas in pyjamas" is just a wee bit on the shady side of ambiguous. Is this a laugh for the mums and dads?

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mindy said...

Good luck Mary!!! Your an experienced endurance athlete, you're ready, prepared and are going to show that course who's boss tomorrow. That sluggish feeling is everything in your body getting all the energy corralled to let loose tomorrow. Have a great time!