Friday, 7 August 2009

Holy molar and other stories

Since the tour of fife we have been preternaturally tired. I went a 10 miler on Tuesday but prior to this I'd been to the dentist and she'd whipped out the tooth I broke at Draycote Water. (She didn't want to she wanted me to have a crown for £110 but I cannot see the point.) I got an NHS slip of paper warning me not to exercise for 24 hours after an extraction but I couldn't run the next day so decided to chance it and I think horrified people a bit as when I wiped my mouth there was a big smear of blood there. Anyway, it was a slow run but I was tired the next day - and the next day. Today I set off for a long run as I am way behind marathon training for October and although I didn't have any disasters like the last time I went out long running I was slow and quite frankly bored and dodged 2 miles whittling my 20 miler down to 18. It doesn't bode at all well for my fantasised new marathon pb.

The good news today was that apparently Portobello ladies won the team prize at Musselburgh 10K with me as second counter, and the prize was a bottle of fizzy each.

My collection of drinks won at the races is swelling fast and is surprisingly similar to what I might have drunk in the toilet during the course of a school disco (although Bacardi Breezers had not yet been invented at this time.)

In my drinks cabinet I now have a non brand-name Bacardi Breezer, a miniature of Johnny Walker in a plastic bottle and one bottle of Fizzy.


Trail Monster Running said...

Gross. I thought you might have a chance at winning the Breaker next week (as well as knocking out a few teeth!) but I've just had a 35 minute 10k runner say that she wants to run, so get some rest, you've got your work cut out for you!

Yak Hunter said...

I'll have to work on my form!

Gnarls said...

nice performance at the Fife series, i'm sure you'll add to your booze collection when you come over here. I'm hoping to get a good volunteer spot so that I can cheer you 2 on. I'm running out of days to clean this place up. See you both very soon.