Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back Cove 5K part II

Just found these great photos of last weeks Back Cove 5K by David Colby Young of Maine Running Photos showing a good Porty presence in Portland.
Back from the states now and thinking about how to train for the next couple of things.
1st comes the Ben which I could have done with getting a few hills in for but end-to-end trail and hill running in Maine gave me killer achilles trouble so I'm worried about that. Some flat running and calf stretching has helped a lot. The thing after that, not compatible really, is the Loch Ness marathon coming up on 4th October. I need to get some long runs in but I'm going to be at work for the next 8 days in a row. How am I going to do it? In desperation I'm thinking a 20 miler on Saturday evening starting around 7pm which means running the last hour or so in the dark. Its a great thing desperation. I probably have to do it though it appeals in NO WAY.
I meant to get up early and do a long run today but I missed a good bit of sleep flying back and slept from 1 am this morning til 1 pm this afternoon. And I want to go to club. Haven't been for about a month.
I have hated all my last long runs. How can I make them more interesting?

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Trail Monster Running said...

Excellent photo of you passing Dom right before the line. Good Jawb!