Sunday, 2 August 2009

Fin de tour

Not sure about my french there but never mind. The last day of the tour de fife and once again we got up and got into our racing tops, pinned our numbers back on and hurpled to the car. We were tired and the car was also tired. The electrics on it aren't the best and it started making a funny noise instead of indicating when I tried to indicate. We had to do some mechanical first aid, which consisted of switching on and off all the electrical switches on the dash. Switching on and off the warning lights did the trick and it righted itself.

Arriving in Falkland the sun was shining and the carpark was packed. There was a real friendly atmosphere (there was everyday but I think today was special) for the final stage of the tour. The Arso Vertitus.

At first I thought I'd made a mistake wearing my mudrocs as we set off along a good long stretch of tarmac, but as soon as we got off road and set off up some uphills I was glad of them. The muddy unevenness under foot and the uphills suited me, as did the spells under the cool shade of the trees. I liked this course the best of all the races. Maspie Den was as special as promised. I knew that at about 2 and a half miles it would be all downhill so pushed it as much as I could without getting into too much of a state. Then it was over the top and relax into the long ascent of approx. a mile. A couple of people overtook me. A man from Fife AC and then Jocelyn Scott. I have witnessed Jocelyn's downhilling powers at first hand on a number of occasions and knew that if I could stay in touch with her I was doing alright. I first noticed this at the Falkland trail race in maybe 2006 when she came past on a downhill and flew past everyone. I tried to copy what she was doing, which seemed to be spending longer in the air than everyone else.

I used to be terrible at coming downhill and I have trained myself to be not too bad. It was a case of just not getting too jangled up today, - trying to relax and keep it as comfortable as possible.

It was one for the hill runners today.

Then it was along to Falkland Village Hall for a sea of cake and a generous prize-giving.

Peter picked up the V45 prize and Judith also picked up a V45 prize.

Its been quite an experience. We've resigned ourselves to feeling a bit down for a few days as the excitement wears off and going back to the news being all about people blowing each other up in foreign lands or politicians disgracing themselves rather than where we are standing in the tour!

Thanks to the people who said they liked my blog! Good luck and see you in future races.


Tiny Runner said...

I've tried copying Jocelyn too. If you ask her how she does it she just shrugs.

Loved the blog, and the competition.

(also appreciated not being the only girl swimming in the sea!)

Tiny Runner x

Trail Monster Running said...

Nice work in 5 consecutive races. I'm kinda jealous, and kinda not. Now rest up for the steep and technical ups and downs of the Breaker.

Yak Hunter said...

Tiny; thanks a lot. Will hopefully see you in future races. The sea was great wasn't it?

Giant; I've only got a handful of days off work before we fly over so good resting up time. I think you would have loved it for the running buzz even though some of it was a bit flat. Just slept 11hrs and feeling better....See you soon!