Saturday, 21 March 2009

Heriot-Watt 5K Trail Race

Scorching action today at the Heriot-Watt 5K trail race. New pb of 21.57. "God that's really slow", Peter helpfully remarked. Still better than before. The Garmin said its a bit short but hey! its hilly and its off-road. Give me a break buddy.

Plenty of students there made for an enthusiastic start with lots of walkers half-way through. The joy of ageing; you can pace yourself better.

My legs felt like they were stuffed with wool, but I did enjoy it. I found the remainder of last week's cold was making itself felt so I made horrible choking sounds and further frightened the wee lambs from university. Running much faster than those around me on the downhills which was pleasing, and still making my way through the field towards the end.

One last determined burst, sprinting with fists ready for a fight across the field and it was all over. Peter had some kind of technical hitch with the camera so only got me in the far distance. He knocked out another pb so was happy with himself.

One slight stain on the day is that my windscreen is mysteriously cracked so I'll have to hand out $$$s next week to get it fixed. More than the car cost anyway. As I had to stop my debit card earlier in the week as someone's obviously got my card details and is happily topping up their phone with them, I am feeling a bit picked on by fate.

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