Monday, 2 March 2009


Yep today's blog is going to be a bit pretentious. Off to the Pentlands to my surprise really. I could easily have had the day off running having run the last two and having a slightly worrying bump on my right heel which I have internet-diagnosed as a Haglund's Bump and which would probably like a bit of rest. However the desire to go the Pentland's which I woke up with did not dwindle, as sometimes happens, upon facing the reality of getting changed and ready to do it. I was up for it.

Strong west wind and showers today, one of those days when bright sunshine is chased across the landscape by dark clouds and sudden rain. Peter had to work and set off with his panniers full of paintpots and a rucksack strapped to some step-ladders on his back. I think he could join some painting and decorating circus act. He can get the same things on a bike that most people would use a van for.

The air in the Flotterstone carpark was cool and clean-smelling; that scent of pines. I set off to the sound of light artillery and some machine gun fire coming from Castle Law. I soon blocked this out and went into mp3 land - the sound of music sometimes being drowned out on the tops by the very fierce wind which took me by surprise and very nearly knocked me on my back at the top of Turnhouse. The sun kept chasing the clouds across the hills and it was really lovely. It is definitely spring. My favourite bit was the fresh green shoots in a field contrasted with the yellow sunshine. (Pictured above.) I did the same route we did when we went out with torches; T'house, Carnethy, Scald Law, S. B. Hill, E & W Kips, Drove Road, Threipmuir reservoir, back up between Bell's Hill and Harbour Hill, down onto the road and back to the car. 13.1 miles in 2hrs 40 mins. I felt impressively fresh, all this long stuff must be adding up.

Right calf is tight and achilles not keen to stretch, with a bump on it, but its not too painful, just a bit inflexible. Will keep stretching the calf and icing the bump and hopefully I can stay on top of it.

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