Friday, 6 March 2009

Airport Run Again

Today it was time for another long run. Swish new pair of Nike Trail Pegasus so wanted some trail to run on. I am running out of ideas for nearby long runs so as the wind was blowing west again I went for the airport run as its into the wind on the way out, wind supporting on the way back. Felt neither tremendous nor terrible and my legs were pretty sore by the end but I could forget about them. The mud nearing the airport was its blackest, slippiest worst, which is a shame because it can be very good running there but when its wet its just too much.

Quite a few punters out with dogs and babies and children on wheels (prams, skates, scooters, bikes). Hard to dodge on tired legs so I was cursing them.
20.26 miles in 3hrs06mins, 9.12min/miles, av HR 148. Just over 55 miles for the week.

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Trail Monster Running said...

Nice legs... I mean nice shoes. I miss mud.