Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Heel Trouble

Last week I got a cold and that alongside my sore, deformed looking heel/achilles made me think I better back off a bit so I had three full days off running. The heel thing's feeling a lot better but I haven't tried it out in different shoes yet. Last week I couldn't wear any of my off-road shoes and even some normal day-to-day shoes were a problem. Work has temporarily taken over so I haven't had time to really assess what's going on.

I'm thinking I might just not bother doing the Highland Fling. I could do with backing off from my training and I could really do without getting injured just before the summer season gets under way. I've been sleeping on it for a few days and have not yet mustered anything like a feeling of regret if I don't do it. I get so excited about races this makes me think I shouldn't really be doing it, because I feel like I just don't care.

It was a relief to go running last night again at last. I went up to the Meadows to do a tempo session of some kind. I hoped I might be in flying form, and I feared I might still be hobbling with injury but the reality was somewhere inbetween. Knocked out 7.35 pace for 4.5 miles round the Meadows in a total run of 9.5 miles. It was late on and I was tired so it wasn't bad. Never got my tea til 10 to 10pm.

Here's a photo of my heels. The one on the right is the problem. Heels look a bit weird and alien out of context don't they.

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