Tuesday, 12 September 2017

3 Day Weekend

Because of...reasons...I happen to have three day weekends at the moment. Sometimes I have to do stuff on a Monday...but I didn't this Monday. Don't for God's Sake tell anyone who wants anything. I haven't enjoyed myself so much for years.

On Saturday it looked like it was going to be the best weather of the weekend so we headed for the Pentlands. I was trying out new Inov-8 x-talon 225 shoes. I was a bit worried about how insubstantial they are, and my feet were sore after 12 miles of hilliness - but the grip was just great.
I nearly burst myself running up Turnhouse, trying to get a new PB. But I got it. After that I settled down. Peter was bouncing up the hills with great ease. I haven't heard him say he "can't do hills" for a long while. I wasn't as good as him, but I was okay. I can definitely feel the difference after a few weekends up there in a row.

We set off late and finished late and got home to a house-full of dishes and undone tasks.

On Sunday it was forecast to rain and we were just going to run locally and maybe do stuff at home - but the sun came out and we both quite fancied seeing the coast so we jumped in the car.
The brighter weather didn't last long. We spent most of our time mooching about in the woods - which we both enjoyed. Then got a soaking and high-tailed it back to the car. 4 miles at 11 min/mile pace. Impressive!

So on Monday obviously I was going to do something else, you know, maybe tidy up or hoover or something. But it was looking sunny and without meaning to I hatched a plan to run over some hills in town and wind up down at the Botanics for a cup of tea and a scone or something. The minute I mentioned the Botanics to Peter his tail started wagging. He loves the place and has a new camera he wants to try out on things. So off we set. There were some minor disagreements along the way about my choice of route. Well it was my run. My run, my route. But we got over it.

We both had a cheese scone at the Botanics and they were MIGHTY heavy and not cheesy enough. So that was a little disappointing. And apparently the girl had her hand inside Peter's cup before handing it over. But when we got over to the Buddleia and it was hoaching with Red Admirals all that was forgotten. We had a right old wander around all over. It's a fantastic place. I don't know why I used to think it was a bit boring and for oldies.

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