Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Not as busy as a bee.

Not today anyway. I was on a course at the weekend, and it was pretty interesting, but I missed getting out of town and getting some sea air. I rolled into the week feeling grumpy and cheated. So I took today off and went down to Gullane by myself. 10 days of sunshine and rain since I was last there and the grasses have gone crazy.

It was as good as I hoped it would be. Good to get some sea air in my lungs and truck around seeing what's happening. Flowers and grass are what's happening. And bees. There were lots and lots of bees. Maybe they're having a good year.

The second half of the day hasn't been so good. I got a wee device to scoop some data off Peter's old hard drive as his PC recently died. But I couldn't get it to work. I've written off to some geeks for advice. Do you know? That's it.

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