Sunday, 18 June 2017

2 beach runs and a 7 hills

Too many nice photos just to ditch them. But I'm out of time. It's nearly tea-time, so I'll keep it brief.
On Wednesday when we got back from Orkney we went down the shore for a run about. Ladybirds were the chefs favourite that day. They were all over. We were tired and it was warm. It was good to get back to summeriness and have an extra day before going back to work.

Note the 'sea anemone selfie' top left!

And then on Saturday we did it again. Peter has nagged me into taking 16/9 photos because they're more 'cinematic' by the way.



"Has anyone seen my marbles?"

"Because I appear to have lost them."

I didn't want to do the 7 hills today. I was too tired. I hadn't 100% made up my mind to definitely do it even at 7am when the alarm went off. In the end, what swayed me was I've been porking up a bit lately and I thought I could use the calorie burn. 

But it went fine. I was slower than usual but so were most folk by the look of the results. I did all the short-cuts, which pleased me.
It was a good day out and I've pretty much done nothing since I finished.
I'm glad I've no more races for a few weeks.

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